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We know that having the right timber for flooring is only a partially done work – most often you will also need professional sanding equipment to prepare the floor for installation and fitting. We offer you professional floor sander hire in our station in Bristol, Cardiff and surroundings – depending on your needs.

Best quality flooring & sanding equipment for your floors.

Check out the prices for hiring our sanders and buffers below.



3-7 DAYS

rate per extra day


Friday afternoon to Monday 9.15 a.m.

Bona Edger Sander£35.00£65.00£30.00£65.00
Bona Belt Sander


Trio Finishing Sander£95.00£185.00£90.00£185.00
Bosh Corner Belt Sander£25.00£35.00£20.00£35.00
Buffing Machine£40.00£75.00£35.00£75.00
Dust Care System£50.00£95.00£45.00£95.00
Rotax Orbital£25.00£45.00£20.00£45.00
Geared Orbital Sander Rutscher£30.00£55.00£25.00£55.00
Bona Power Scrubber£65.00£125£60.00£125.00

All the prices listed above are VAT-excluded


Floor sander hire price list.pdf

Below you can see the complete list of sanders, buffers as well as hoovers which we have available to hire:

  • buffers,
  • hoovers,
  • belt sanders,
  • edge sanders,
  • sanders,
  • and many others,

Our sanding equipment for rental meets all the safety and healthy norms providing, at the same time, highly advanced dust-free systems which reduce the amount of dust during sanding to only about 2%. This will allow you to rest fully assured that everything is prepared and performed according to the highest standards which will allow you to enjoy the comfort of the wooden floor for many years to come.

All the equipment offered here is ready to be used for both residential and commercial spaces (houses, flats, mansions, churches, chapels, shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels and many more).

What does our sanding service provide?

Having different sanders, buffers and hoovers allows us to offer you perfect quality sanding before the application of lacquers or (hard)wax oils on the surface of your floor.

Our professional team of experts in flooring, repairs, installation and sanding can reach all areas of the floor – even those which are hard-to-get and require special types of devices to properly prepare the floor surface for further works.

The final stage of floor preparation includes the application of varnishes and lacquers to fully protect the surface for a long time and to give it a fashionable and shiny gloss. See also our partners who can offer you professional floor sanding Bristol service.

What equipment do we offer for rental?

There is a varied range of different types of sanding equipment to choose from - from edge sanders and Trio finishing sanders to Bona belt sanders and buffing machines. See below for more details.

Edge sander

Bona edge sander hire Bristol

Our sanding specialists offer professional and very effective set of edge sanders available to hire within Bristol, Cardiff and its surroundings. Our Bona sanders are characterised by great efficiency, 98% dust-free systems which make the work easy and fully reliable.

Do you need a professional and reliable sanding of hard-to-get places? Our company will offer you fully comprehensive sanding service for most attractive prices and the choice of edge sanders which are perfect for your floor.

RENT edge sander machine for weekend ang get SPECIAL OFFER:


Bona edge sanders are especially valuable when:

  • you look for a professional sanding machine to reach hard-to-reach places,
  • you need to sand interiors in domestic and business places,
  • you require a proper device / equipment to effectively sand stairs,
  • it is necessary to sand thresholds,
  • you need some corners which you have to reach,

Bona-brand sanders and the remaining sanding equipment we offer here have fully adjustable height of the wheel so it will be easy for you to appropriately fit it according to your needs.

We are fully insured and provide the best sanding specialists with long-years experience and extensive knowledge.

Trio finishing sander

Finishing sander hire Bristol

After having done the sanding works using belt sanders it is necessary to prepare each wooden floor for a final finishing before we apply finishes. For your ease and comfort we can offer you wide range of effective and reliable trio finishing sanders operated by the experienced and skilled team of specialists.

Using trio finishing machines makes the floor perfectly smooth and prepared for the application of lacquers or oils.

Only £185.00 FOR 2 DAYS of sanding!

Some advangates which our trio sanders have:

  • it's easy to use,
  • built-in system of dust extraction,
  • it is possible to move it in any direction you want,

If you are not sure which type of sanding equipment to use for your floor or you simply don't have the right experience - you may just leave all the sanding work to us! We are always willing to offer you our skills and devices to help you out.

Corner belt sander

Bosh corner belt sander hire Bristol

We are fully prepared to offer you the best corner belt sander products to effectively sand the floor in hard-to-reach areas. Such belt sanders are also perfect for sanding the surface of wooden stairs. 

Best quality BOSCH corner belt sanders for most attractive prices

The hire service is available for all clients within Bristol and nearest areas that surround the city. We possess highest quality sanders of BOSCH brand which is both efficient and reliable.

Our professional sanders provide the revolutionary technique to access all tightest places to leave them perfectly clean, smooth and finished for further works.

Advantages of our BOSCH belt sanders:

  • they are small,
  • they have powerful engines,
  • they reach all corners and tight places,
  • they effectively remove old paints,
  • they remove all kinds of adhesives,

£25.00 for 1 DAY of sanding

£35.00 for sanding from Friday afternoon to Monday 8 a.m.

Floor buffer

Buffing machine rental Bristol

Our company provide professional and reliable floor buffer rental mainly for clients living in Bristol, but also for those living in the surrounding areas.

Most often buffing machines are used to sand the areas between the coats, but also for a professional and even distribution of oilf on wooden surfaces. Still another application for buffers is polishing of surfaces that have been oiled.

To maximise effectiveness of the buffing works the motor is placed in the assymetrical way. At the same time such a solution prevents motor torque from creating the unwanted pressure which makes the work harder.

Our buffing machine advantages:

  • it has adjustable handles as well as the shaft,
  • wide range of mounting plates, which allows for buffing many different types of surfaces,
  • very simple construction and usage,
  • the buffer uses strong engine which rotates the plate placed in the body made of aluminium,

How to use the buffer properly?

It does not really matter whether you move the buffer in any given direction. Rather, it is up to you to choose the direction, however, it is best to choose one pattern so that you don't miss any areas while buffing.

Hire buffer for BEST PRICES:

Only £40.00 for one day of buffing & £75.00 for the whole weekend

Belt sander

Bona belt sander hire Bristol

We possess wide range of professional equipment for sanding including highly effective belt sanders for rental. Our sanding machines do their job smoothly, quickly and effectively. We mainly provide our services in Bristol, but it is also possible to hire our team with sanders if you live around Bristol.


SPECIAL PRICE - £45.00 for 1 DAY!

Our belt sanders are used for:

  • sanding works with wooden floors,
  • sanding floors made of cork,
  • sanding of parquets and moaics,

Bona belt sanders work with:

  • floors that has already been laid,
  • floor surfaces which are untreated,
  • already existing wooden surfaces (including lacquered and oiled ones),

Geared Orbital Sander Rutscher

Geared orbital sander hire Bristol

A fully ergonomic, smoothly running and effective sander machine. It is characterised by the latest technology allowing you to work healthy and in a non-tiring way. It possesses the Vibration Stop mode for even more comfortable handling.

Excellent efficiency and highest quality extractor of external dust add up to the overal high value of thies unique piece of machinery. Geared Orbital Sander has a perfectly balanced gravity centre which results in nice handling.

There is a high rate of material removal coupled with an easy and efficient gearing reduction.

Geared Orbital Sander is perfect for:

  • sanding off varnish,
  • sanding off paint,
  • large areas filling,
  • metal polishing,
  • mineral sublayer sanding,
  • glued parts flush sanding (on protruding edges),

It is possible to move our belt sanders both backwards and forwards while, at the same time, to operate them easily due to their handy design. We offer only best Bona sander devices to hire - it is easy to disassemble and assemble them and to use them effectively on all types of flooring surfaces.

Bona Power Scrubber

Bona power scrubber rent Bristol

The Bona PowerScrubber is a compact, powerful scrubbing machine for cleaning varnished and oiled wooden floors.

When used with Bona Deep Clean Solution, it removes the toughest dirt and grime from wooden floors with ease. The two counter-rotating cylindric brushes cleans deeply, even on rough, brushed parquet and wooden floors with bevelled edges.

The rubber squeegees ensure an extremely effective water pickup which makes it safe to use on wooden floors. Also suitable and recommended for cleaning greyed outdoor deckings.


  • Powerful and easy to manouvre 
  • Extremely effective water pickup 
  • Easy to fill, clean and transport
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Ideal for schools, community halls, libraries and the home


  • Length: 520mm
  • Height: 380mm
  • Width: 470mm
  • Voltage: 240v
  • Operating weight: 40kg
  • Solution tank: 11Ltr
  • Recovery tank: 11Ltr
  • Dry weight: 30kg
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