Bona FlexiSand 1.9

Technical data sheet

Bona FlexiSand 1.9 is a powerful machine that can be equipped with many sorts of drive plates for a wide variety of floor preparation jobs such as sanding back to bare wood, fine sanding and concrete grinding. With it’s powerful 1,9 kW motor and robust  construction it runs smooth and cool even under heavy load. Bona FlexiSand 1.9 is prepared for the Bona Power Drive, a unique drive plate that allows powerful rotary sanding to bare wood.

  • 25% greater motor power and heavier weight compared to Flexisand 1.5
  • Easy and ergonomic operation
  • Dust containment ready
  • Foldable handle for minimum space when transported
  • Big wheels for easy transportation
  • Power outlet (socket) for accessories
  • Prepared for the Bona Power Drive
  • Effective concrete grinding with Bona Concrete Disc

Technical data

  • Motor type: 1 phase
  • Voltage (+/- 5%): 230 V ~
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Power: 1,9 kW
  • Rated current: 11 A
  • Safety devices: 16 A overload switch (manual reset), thermal protection in the motor (automatic
  • Recommended fuse: 16 A
  • Abrasive disc speed: (unloaded) 147 rpm.
  • Total weight: 50kg
  • Diameter of disc: 407mm (16”)
  • Height/Width/Depth 1170mm/ 490mm/ 640mm

For further technical data see the machine manual.

Directions for use

Carefully read through the entire machine manual and observe the safety instructions before using this machine.

When used for sanding, the vacuum hose and the vacuum ring should be attached to the machine. Any vacuum unit can be attached, but for optimal dust collection connect the Bona DCS 70. Sanding can be done in a variety of ways, using different drive plates and sanding agents.

Before you start the machine, lower the handles as much as possible to a comfortable working position. Start the machine.

To control the machine, lift or lower the handle in very small steps. Pressing the handle lightly downwards will place more weight on the back of the disc which will move the machine to the left. Lift the handle slightly and the machine will move to the right.

If new to this type of machine we strongly recommend to acquaint yourself with the machine by using it together with a non-abrasive white nylon pad. Once you have a feel for how the machine behaves you can proceed with mounting abrasives.

When sanding a wooden floor with a FlexiSand you don’t have to think about working in any particular direction. Forward, backward, left, right, it is all up to you. To ensure you don’t miss any areas or sand some areas more than others it makes sense however to sand with a systematic approach. First in one direction across the room and then follow the other direction.

A Bona Scrad is attached directly to a nylon pad placed onto the mounting plate with its Scrad Wing secured on the underside.

A screen is best secured to the mounting plate via a pad. Put the screen on the floor, over that a pad and on top the mounting plate. Place the Flexisand with the centre of the machine housing on top of the plate and start the machine for a second. The connection will then grip into the plate’s centre hole.

For cleaning, use a pad, choosing the right colour depending on the task, and remember, use very little water on wooden floors.

When buffing in oil or polishing, remember to always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. After the oil is buffed in with a pad and the proper time has passed, wrap a rag or a cloth around a clean pad and start polishing the floor surface until the desired result is obtained.

Warning: Risk of self-ignition. Used cloths, rags and similar should be placed in water or sealed metal containers.

If you are not experienced, start the first time with a white pad attached on a smooth surface. The friction will be low and the machine is easier to control. The lower the handles are, the easier the machine is to control.

Always remember to clean the bottom of the machine after working with oil. Material which remains on the bottom of the machine may contaminate the surface of the next floor which is worked upon. For example, oil residues on the surface of a floor may affect the adhesion of a finish application.

The cable must always be kept clean and undamaged. If an earth circuit breaker is used, plug it into the wall socket, so it protects both cable and machine. A micro breaker on the lower part of the shaft is there to prevent the machine from being started when the handle is in an upright position.

Bona FlexiSand


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