Oak flooring design Ltd Warranty Solid Products

Oak flooring design Ltd provides a structural 25 year warranty on solid Oak Products.
I. Under normal footfall the wear layer will not be worn through to  he tongue and groove

This must not be confused :

    1. With the finished floor surface, which should be maintained regularly in accordance with the amount of wear that the floor receives i.e. a kitchen area may need re oiling/waxing twice a year.
    2. With removal of the wear layer by sanding.
    3. Damage from heels or furniture etc

Wooden is a natural product and will react to changes in the environment it is living within.

    1. The relative humidity should be maintained between 40%-60% . Higher or lower levels may result in cupping ,splitting or delamination. The use of a Humidity monitor is highly recommended
    2. The floor should only ever be swept, vacuumed and wiped over with a damp cloth ( Bona Spray Mops are recommended)Under no circumstances should steam be used to clean any of our floors
    3. Oak changes colour naturally darker with age, areas of direct sunlight may do the reverse the sun bleaching the colour out.
    4. The floor surface temperature should not exceed 27°C

Installation and associated products used in the fitting process.

    1. Two year warranty against labour defects
    2. Two year warranty on associated products used in the installation process

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Oak flooring team if you ever have any doubts or questions regarding maintenance or site conditions.

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