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Product Details

Technical Data

The Induro XL1 Range is based on a fully cross-linked single pack (1K) polyurethane technology offering enhanced performance characteristics compared with other Single Pack systems. Since these products are supplied fully cross-linked there are no pot-life limitations This product range is ideal for use in areas of medium to high traffic.

These products are not suitable for areas where high levels of water are present, for example bathrooms and swimming pool walkways etc.


The Induro XL1 lacquers provide extremely strong yet flexible coatings offering outstanding chemical and mechanical resistance. When used in conjunction with either Induro GP or Induro EB Seal they produce finishes with excellent clarity and woodwarming.

This Range typically reaches full cure with optimum performance faster than moisture or oxygen cross-linking systems and offers excellent durability and yellowing resistance.

Recommended use

The Induro XL1 range is suited for internal soft and hardwood flooring for both domestic and a wide range of commercial applications such as shops, offices, restaurants and public buildings with medium – high traffic.

Details/guidance on recommended finishing processes and systems are provided in the Morrells Induro flooring Brochure.

Mixing Guidelines

Supplied ready for use (RFU) but can be thinned with water up to a maximum of 2%, if required.

In winter months thinning to this degree is not recommended and may result in poor film formation.


For best results the application should be carried out using a Short Mohair or similar type roller. Mohair Flooring pads or T-bar applicators can also be used. Lacquer should be applied evenly making smooth passes with the roller/pad predominantly along the grain taking care to avoid ‘pooling’.

The approximate single coat coverage of the lacquer is 8 - 10 m2 per litre, this however is dependant on the method of application, porosity of the timber and type/desired finish.


These lacquers should ideally be used (lacquer & application area) at temperatures above 15oC, to prevent problems of film formation and “whitening”.

  • Touch Dry: 20 - 30 minutes @ 18oC
  • Sandable: 2-3 hours @ 18oC.
  • Recoatable: 2-3 hours minimum @ 18oC

Induro XL1 will accept light traffic use 24hours after application.

Do not to place furniture or move furniture across the floor surface for at least 72 hours after application.

Do not place mats or rugs on surface for at least 5 days after application, as this will impede final cure.

These times will be extended under conditions of low temperature and/or of high humidity.

Application equipment should be cleaned with water immediately after use.
System Guidelines

Morrells recommends the following guidance for use of this product range:

Typical Domestic Finish:

1 coats at 130 - 150mls/m2 per coat of Induro GP or EB Seal (Dry Film Thickness ~ 42μ per coat), 2 coats at 100 - 120mls/m2 per coat of Induro XL1 Lacquer (Dry Film Thickness ~ 30 - 35μ per coat).

Typical Commercial Finish:

1 coats at 130 - 150mls/m2 per coat of Induro GP or EB Seal (Dry Film Thickness ~ 42μ per coat), 3 - 4 coats at 100 - 120mls/m2 per coat of Induro XL1 Lacquer (Dry Film Thickness ~ 30 - 35μ per coat).

Using these products in systems outside these guidelines can lead to immediate and latent problems with the integrity of the finish.

  • The use of good quality entrance mats and furniture pads are recommended to avoid damage to the finish.
  • Should a liquid spillage occur all excess liquid should be wiped up and removed immediately and not allowed to dwell on the surface. Similarly, spillages of hot or cold cooking oils or fats should be wiped up and removed without delay.
  • Sweep or vacuum with a hard-floor attachment as often as possible. As and when required, use a lightly damped mop on the surface.
  • Wet cleaning and vacuuming should be avoided until the lacquer has reached full cure – approx 7 days after application.
  • Pets can also traffic grit and dirt on to a floor. Pets claws should be trimmed regularly to reduce scratches/indentation to the finish.

Induro Floor Cleaner (cleanse) should be used for routine cleaning to maintain the appearance of floors finished with these lacquers.

Induro Floor Reviver (revive xl-10 or revive xl-30) is recommended for use to revitalise the appearance of flooring damaged by scratch and scuff marks. For best results it is advisable to lightly de-nib the flooring with a Red Scotchbrite, then wipe clean using Cleanse prior to the application of the Floor Reviver, this should be left for 1 hour before buffing.

Alternatively, the Floor Reviver can be applied direct to the flooring and left for 1hour before buffing.

Refer to the induro Wooden Floor Maintenance Guide for information on cleaning and reviving.

Important Information
  • Do not use in areas of high humidity or condensation.
  • Only Morrells standard range of LF stains are recommended under XL ranges.
  • Leave adequate time between coats. Do not apply more than 3 coats in one day. Denib between coats to aid adhesion.
  • Excessive coating weights can lead to cracking or lifting.
  • Do not overcoat with solvent borne products.
  • Avoid contact with iron, copper, zinc, aluminum and platinum as these can attack the aqueous polymer.
  • Waterborne products should have nominated finishing equipment.
  • When coating darker timbers, such as walnut, mahogany or teak, slight bleaching may occur.
  • Product should be stored above 5oC and protected from frost.
  • Optimum application is achieved between 18oC and 22oC with good air movement and ventilation.
  • Finished products should not be subjected to environments with temperatures of < 2oC.
  • In scope of 2004/42/EC.
Health & Safety

Reference should be made to the appropriate MSDS for these products, which can be found at

The use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is recommended.

These products are intended for professional use only.

“The information provided on this information sheet is based on the best of our knowledge and experience, is given in good faith and should only be regarded as recommendations. No guarantee should be inferred and customers are advised to carry out their own tests under local conditions.

For further technical information contact our Technical Support Team on 0161 406 5300.”

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