Induro Oils : Clear and tinted

Clear Oils

Induro XLO - 10
Matt Flooring Oil
R047 – White Spirits
Induro XLO - 30
Semi Matt Flooring Oil

Tinted Oils

Matt Product Code
Semi Matt Product Code
White Grey
Light Grey
Rough Sawn
Old White
Metallic Grey
Golden Oak
Light Oak

Product Details

Technical Data

These oils are formulated on a blend of natural oils in combination with urethane for use on all types of solid and engineered flooring.

These products are not suitable for areas where high levels of water are present, for example bathrooms and swimming pool walkways etc.


Induro Oils produce a smooth, natural finish with excellent resistance against water and other household liquids.

Oiled finishes are easily and quickly maintained

Colour Matching

Morrells provides a bespoke colour matching service for the Induro oils.

All requests for special colours should be accompanied by a sufficient quantity of the timber to be used for the actual job plus full details of application method and finishing system to be employed.

Mixing Guidelines
Supplied ready for use (RFU) but can be thinned upto 15% by volume with the recommended thinner, R047, if required.
Typical Handling

Drying Time: 3 – 4 hours for clears, 4 -6 hours for tinted/pigmented oils.

Recoat Time: 3 - 4 hours for clears, 4 -6 hours for tinted/pigmented oils.

These times are dependant amounts applied, the absorbency of the wooden

R047 – White Spirit should be used for cleaning equipment.
Approximately 40 – 60 m2 per 5Lts dependent upon the application method and absorbency and surface quality of the timber being coated.
System Guidelines

Morrells recommends the following guidance for use of these products :

The surface of the timber to be coated should be clean dry and free from oils, greases, waxes, silicones, old finishes etc. **See below for sanding regime.

Clear Finishes:

  • Apply the oil with a short mohair roller/T-Bar or oil brush at 80 mls/m2
  • Allow to dry for 3 - 4 hours, then lightly abrade with a red Scotchbrite pad (or equivalent) on a rotary buffer.
  • Apply a second coat of oil and allow 3 – 4 hours to dry.
  • Apply further coats as required, ensuring light abrading between coats to aid adhesion and improve the finish.
  • A natural finish can be readily achieved with 2 – 3 coats of the Induro Oils. Wood colour and pigmented finishes:
  • After sanding and cleaning, apply the oil with either roller or brush, and evened out either by buffing by hand or In large areas a light weight buffer with a white pad.
  • Tinted/pigmented oils should not be applied in straight lines and left as a “tracking” effect will occur.
  • The first coat should be left for 4 -6 hours. Heavily pigmented colours may be slower drying.
  • A second coat of either wood color /pigmented color can be applied to achieve a more intense color, or a coat of Induro oil clear can be applied in order to protect the color.
  • To increase protection of wood and pigmented colors due to foot traffic a clear coat of Induro XLO 10 or 30 can be applied.

Using these products in systems outside these guidelines can lead to immediate and latent problems with the integrity of the finish.

Wooden floor sanding using sanding machines:

  • Belt sander, edge sander and mono disc sanding machines required.
  • Sand in the direction of the grain in even strokes up and down
  • For uneven floors (cupping) or block work, please consult technical services.
  • 1st pass should be completed with 24 or 36 grit belts and then the edge sanded with the identical grit.
  • 2nd pass with 50 or 60 grit and the edge sanded with identical grits.
  • 3rd pass with 80 and 100 grit and edge sanded with identical grits.
  • Final sanding with a mono disc or trio sander will even out the edge and belt sanding particularly with mosaic or herringbone patterns.

Important note: The floor should be swept and vacuumed between sanding grits.

  • The use of good quality entrance mats and furniture pads are recommended to avoid damage to the finish.
  • Should a liquid spillage occur all excess liquid should be wiped up and removed immediately and not allowed to dwell on the surface. Similarly, spillages of hot or cold cooking oils or fats should be wiped up and removed without delay.
  • Sweep or vacuum with a hard-floor attachment as often as possible. As and when required, use a lightly damped mop on the surface.
  • Wet cleaning and vacuuming should be avoided until the lacquer has reached full cure – approx 14 days after application.
  • Pets can also traffic grit and dirt on to a floor. Pets claws should be trimmed regularly to reduce scratches/indentation to the finish.
  • Marks and stains can be removed with a cloth or mop lightly damped with Induro GP cleanse (8CL/000) – do not use soaking wet cloth/mop.
  • To re-vitalise the appearance of flooring damaged by scratch and scuff marks, first ensure the floor is cleaned and buffed dry then Induro maintenance oil (7RE/251) can be applied by pad across the surface, this can be buffed with an oil cloth.
  • If the floor is finished with either wood color or pigmented color worn areas should be refinished prior to applying either the maintenance oil, or in heavy traffic areas a fresh coat of clear Induro oil.

Refer to the induro Wooden Floor Maintenance Guide for information on cleaning and reviving.

Important Information
  • Designed for manual (roller, pad, T-bar etc) application.
  • Always test the product on a spare surface or inconspicuous area to assess compatibility, colour and finish.
  • Colours are only able to be an approximate representation due to the variation in substrate and application methods.
  • Use only the recommended thinner. Use of non-recommended thinner can cause uneven/patchy drying.
  • Sawdust, cloths, brushes, rollers, papers and similar products containing wet product may cause spontaneous combustion. Either allow to fully dry or drench with water before disposal.
  • Product should be stored above 5oC and protected from frost.
  • Optimum application is achieved between 20oC and 25oC with good air movement and ventilation.
  • Finished products should not be subjected to environments with temperatures of < 2oC.
  • In scope of 2004/42/EC.
Health & Safety

Reference should be made to the appropriate MSDS for these products, which can be found at

The use of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is recommended.

These products are intended for professional use only.

Induro Oils
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